Hadrah Daeng Ratu

Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati 2020

After suspended animation, Siena (Natasha Wilona) can see a sign that people will die. Siena is scared and wants to get out of this terrible situation. Flo (Ria Ricis), Neni (Fitria Rasyidi), and Vina (Ryma Gembala), Siena's friends, do not believe in the abilities that Siena has suddenly. Siena continues to convince herself with her eyesight. Moreover, one by one the people around her die after Siena saw the sign of the appearance of a spirit who picks up the person. Finally the sign appeares near Brama (Al Ghazali), the upperclassman she loves. Siena tries to stop Brama's death. Siena also sees signs that the people closest to her are going to die. Siena tries to stop those deaths. Then, the sign of death is threatening her.

3.7 IMDB Rating 189244 Views
#Malam Jumat The Movie 2019

Untuk memberikan pengalaman berbeda pada penontonnya, Ewing (Ewing HD) mencoba hal baru dengan menjelajah sebuah taman bermain bernama Wonder Park yang telah lama terbengkalai.

IMDB Rating 129792 Views
Jaga Pocong 2018

Mila is a nurse, could not refuse when assigned to take care for Sulastri at her house. When she arrives at Sulastri’s house, it turns out that Sulastri has died.

IMDB Rating 104257 Views
Makmum 2019

Rosa never ignored the fears of Nurul, Nisa, and Putri, three of her students in the dormitory. Until when the intensity of Putri’s possessions increased and Rini tried to uncover the mystery.

IMDB Rating 63070 Views
Ratu Kostmopolitan 2010

Three women who lives in a boarding house in Jakarta has to deal with a group of thugs who wants them out of their humble abode.

IMDB Rating 171809 Views