Joshua Pandelaki

Valentine 2017

Batavia City, a beautiful city that no longer safely inhabited. Robbery, violence, and a variety of increasingly rampant criminality. In the midst of this chaotic city, Srimaya, a cafe waitress who dreams of becoming an actress never thought that dream would change her life. Her meeting with Bono, a film director and his friend, Wawan, will take her on a dangerous adventure full of thrilling action with lives at stake. Turning her from an ordinary girl into Batavia City heroine of hope, Valentine.

IMDB Rating 125918 Views
Bukan Cinta Malaikat 2017

Bukan Cinta Malaikat (2017) – A volunteer worker who works in conflict zone in the Middle East fall for a woman who while doing pilgrimage in Mecca allegedly accused of being an illegal migrant.

IMDB Rating 176660 Views
Malik & Elsa 2020

Malik (Endi Arfian) and Elsa (Salshabilla Adriani) play a game of riddles. Elsa is lost and punished to treat Malik for seven consecutive days, those seven days are able to unite Malik and Elsa.

6 IMDB Rating 119089 Views