Brisia Jodie

Denting Kematian 2020

Tyas (Brisia Jodie) receives a special birthday gift from his father (Mathias Muchus) and his mother (Ayu Dyah Pasha). She receives an old music box which has a very sweet voice. She opens the music box almost every night. Then, a series of strange events begin to occur in her life. Terrible terror haunts the girl's days: the death of one of his closest friends, the accident that happens to his father. The situation gets worse when a dancer's ghost appears. Bagus (Rangga Azof), a close friend of Tyas, who is also secretly loves her, begins to investigate the tragic incident that happened to his friend. He discovers Tyas's dark past and the background to the music box she owns. It turns out that the music box belongs to Mrs Ajeng (Sruti Respati), a dancer who died 18 years ago while giving birth to her twins.

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